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Title: Fate/Monochrome Dance ~ Laments of Crow
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Fate/Monochrome Dance
Character Story ~ Alya Ersa Eriasbell
Laments of Crow


“Enclose, Enclose, Enclose, Enclose, Enclose.”

   A face reflects obsessive determination. Her finger wounded from the act of forming the magic circle. No other blood than hers may be spilled for this sacred ritual... that’s her greatest philosophy. It’ll be insult to her pride if she does.
   Glow of midnight moon never once looks that wicked. While harboring a noble wish, the ideal projected are not ‘normal’. Yet, the white haired girl smiled gleefully at the magic circle. Soon, she’ll be acknowledged by her mother... Ah beloved mother...

“Repeat every five times. Simply, shatter once filled.”

   A magus and magecraft... The talent that never actually fully exploited in her family. They simply just like that ban the wonderful world beyond normal human knowledge. ‘To mingle with other human’? Why bother? They’re special to begin with... and they should show it to everyone while at it!

“Silver and iron to the origin. Gem and the archduke of contracts to the cornerstone. The ancestor is my great master . . . . .
 The alighted wind becomes a wall. The gates in the four directions close, coming from the crown, the three-forked road that leads to the kingdom circulate.”

   Her smile widening. The circle already showing red light of accepting. The spear on the altar shaking greatly. A Servant of strongest class [Saber], shall greet her. Gender does not matter. Tonight, it shall be the greatest day in her life...

“――――I announce.
 Your self is under me, my fate(doom) is in your sword.
 In accordance with the resort of the Holy Grail, if you abide by this feeling, this reason, then answer me.”

   Will her mother finally accept her? She’s currently only a hair breadth yes, just few more lines! Red stain start coloring the back of her palm, forming into three command seal in shape of sword. Swords with a demonic sheath. Her heart screaming shriek of joy. Saber! Saber oh Saber! The strongest class available in holy grail war. This surely would boost the praise that come from her mother’s smiling lips!

“Here is my oath. I am the one who becomes all the good of the world of the dead, I am the one who lays out all the evil of the world of the dead.”

   One more line! Her heart screamed. Tear flowing out from sides of her eyes uncontrollably. Yes, she’ll be perfect, like her brother and sister...

“You, seven heavens clad in three words of power, arrive from the ring of deterrence, O keeper of the balance ―――”

   The result was immediate. The one she summoned just like that appear from the magic circle in gigantic explosion of red light. Standing on the center of the rune, a warrior about one head taller than her, clad in thin mask that conceal his head. While the armor looks very bulky, it doesn’t sit right on someone that tall... But it’s a Servant.

“...I ask you of this,” it suddenly spoke in slightly masculine voice, like a male teenager that voice past about 50% of it’s change. “are you, my master?”

“Before demanding me, as I’m the only one here to be your master, show your face and tell me your identity, Servant!” sternly she replied. A hoarse laughter escaped the cold iron headwear, not those of a goodwill, but that of a madness... As if on cue, the item burst into bloody red glittering dust. The girl’s breath just stuck in her neck. She didn’t call the [King of Knight], despite how much they looks alike.

Helmet that he never let go, unless by master’s command. Her smile slowly turning into much twisted one. As if an invisible force forced her stare directly to the servant’s face, she saw the most malicious green eyes she ever seen. The blond hair of the knight just made her breath become much more erratic. It’s true she doesn’t summoned a Saber that is [King of Knight]. But this Saber actually an entity that mirrors her completely. The red armor slightly dominant in black, creating effect like a burning red flame of hatred. A traitor which hand has slain his own father. In that moment, he took off his armor, revealing a body that while quite slender for a teenage, is actually very ripped for one because the weight of the armor and the sword. A wound on the stomach reveal the king’s verdict...

The knight kneeled on one leg, Clarent unsheathed, stabbed to the floor in front of him. Both hands at the guard. The eyes never did show any sort of humility. In fact, it’s a challenging eyes, even to his master. Alya’s body trembled... her joy barely could be contained.

“...Servant, Saber. My name is...”

Mordred, the Traitor of Round Table declare his name with the same intensity of madness lacing his expression.