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Xbox 360 250GB (Xbox 360 Slim)
« on: June 15, 2010, 03:35:44 PM »
Pada E3 Kemarin, Microsoft memperkenalkan console barunya dan Microsoft Kinect

    Xbox 360 250GB

    Form Factor: Gloss black, sleek look

    Touch Sensitive Buttons: Tombol on off/ejectnya gak pake pencet, cm nyentuh

    Whisper Quiet: Katanya sih ga berisik ya..

    Wi-Fi: Built-in 802.11n

    Hard Drive: 250GB internal, bisa diganti

    Kinect-Ready: ada slot khusus kinect

    USB Slots: 5, 3 dibelakang, 2 didepan

    AV Connections:
    AV Cable included for standard definition TV connection.
    HDMI port for HDTV
    Optical Audio out port integrated on back of console for AV system connection.

    Power Supply: lebih efisien, dan ga bisa pake yang lama punya

    Wireless Controller: black, sama kaya dulu modelnya

    Backwards Compatible. gamenya bisa pake yg dulu.. tp memori + hdd ga bisa

    Key Internal Components Changes:
    Fan: Moved from two small fans to one larger fan for improved acoustics.
    Chipset: 45 nanometer and integrated CPU and GPU.
    Wi-Fi: Integrated wireless capability.



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