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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #70 on: December 31, 2008, 12:09:55 PM »

Why do these tears aLways drop?
In my cheeks
My heart becomes warm
But i beLieve
untiL now I stiLL beLieve
in deep of my heart
for the reason
I stiLL happy
untiL now
I dont care
what's the truth
what's the reaL
what are they taLking about
I dont care!

That i care is just my heart
Just my feeLing
untiL now i stiLL beLieve
To beLieve you
To beLieve you going to come
Just for me
For the reason
I stiLL stand in this pLace
Because I beLieve you...

i Love the wind..its so breezy to me~
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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #71 on: January 11, 2009, 05:58:05 PM »
Bintang Terkecil

Ketika senja telah datang
Mataharipun mulai tenggelam
Dan siang berganti malam

Kala hari mulai petang
Lembayung senjapun datang
Menanti gelapnya malam

Namun biarkanla...
Biarlah siang berganti malam
Biarlah hari menjadi petang
Karna bintang dan rembulan
Akan datang jadikan malam terang

Sang bintang terkecil datang

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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #72 on: January 24, 2009, 05:11:24 PM »
Duri yang Tertinggal dalam Dagingku

Waktu sunyi mulai lenyap terhembus
Tersentuh hawa asing yang dingin
Kala cahaya memenuhi dua sudut pandang...
Tersentuh air dari dunia luar
Ternodai oleh racun yang merasuk
Terdiam tanpa desah nafas

Hawa segar di pagi hari serasa menusuk paru-paru
Air yang membakar kerongkongan
Cahaya yang membutakan jiwa
Tanpa suara yang menyakiti
Berharap dalam senyap yang tak pasti
Serasa akan hilang dan lepaslah nyawa...

Setiap tutur kata adalah palsu
Setiap kenangan hanyalah rekayasa
Setiap ingatanku hanyalah debu
Hari ini datang, besok pergi ke belahan dunia lain

Setiap waktu yang kulalui...
Asa yang terus terajut tanpa henti
Tak putus-putus pula
Menanti sepatah ujaran kata
Semurni salju
Setulus merpati
Tanpa bisa yang biasa kau tunjukkan

Ribuan angan yang terbangkitkan oleh senyuman
Masih tidakkah sepasang matamu mengindahkan?

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A Glimpse of Our World - (Kumpulan Puisi)
« Reply #73 on: December 29, 2009, 03:07:57 PM »
Yang thread satu lagi keq na uda mati deh
jadi buad lagi deh saia?
Klo mo di merge jg gpp sih  :laugh:

Yak saia mulai dl yah~,
Agak sedikit angsty dan messy
Tadi bikin cpd" sblm mood ilang  :confuse:

I didn’t know where I was going,
And where I’ve been isn’t much to speak of
I wasn’t looking for anything,
But somehow you came and found me, hidden deep within myself
A shy hello and a tentative handshake later,
You unknowingly made your very first mark in my life
We shared secrets, laughed, and made a total fool of ourselves,
Lost in that euphoric moment in time
A cherished moment of mutual understanding
You made the wrong things in life, right somehow   
And before I had a chance to react,
You had already became a part of my life,
One that is ever precious and irreplaceable
Yet I know that someday this all will change,
That you would leave and never look back
Regardless of what tomorrow may bring,
Those memories of all the times we’ve shared will never, ever perish
And someday as I go along life’s way,
I will recall your friendly smile and thoughtful ways
And smile softly to myself,
“I’m glad to have met you in that moment in time….” 
Kaistern - Utopia
CaramelDeLatte- Effervescent
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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #74 on: February 03, 2010, 01:58:00 AM »
Future Fire!

My name is Future Fire,
I was born from a fire and laid deep inside the earth

I am the son of God with a ground element inside my body
I am fed by a fire, fire who make dust
the dust who came down to earth,
for helping my resurrection.

I am the son of God with the fire to build me,
I'm feed by a fire, fire who make dust
dust stick together and it makes land,
a land stand to keep a powerful fire in my body
The more fire under my body, the more powerful i will be
The more you hurt me, the stronger i will be

I am the son of God with a Limited patient that God gave to me
Someday, for sure the full of fire will counter the cold of the mountain
just like a beautiful volcano when it stay
and come out powerful fire when it say
and i will not help you when you say "Mayday!"

The Fifth of November

V for Vendetta!
and my real power will show off,
kill all the evil of the world
save the good from the battle

Because I am the son of of God

-------------------------- Charlie Vector

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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #75 on: February 03, 2010, 01:58:29 AM »
A Painful Heart

Long time we never talk
Long time we never see

I'm just same like you
i have heart
i have love

we just little bit different
you're a girl
and I'm a boy

without you beside me,
i'm crying everyday behind a smile
i'm dying slowly behind my life

I just want you to become my wife in my life
my body will gone soon without you beside me
dear, how many times you try to run from me
how many times you hurt me
how many times you did not bother me
how many times you pretend not to see me
but my heart still will always with you

I'm crying
I'm dying
I'm looking for you

I will die for you,
i told my dad
i told my mom
that i only love you

and for all eternity

because my heart will never blind
and will never lie
what is the truth

i just want you to know
how deep i love you
how i really need you in my life
i love you~

------------------ Charlie Vector

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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #76 on: February 03, 2010, 01:58:46 AM »
You're the only one

There is a way to tell a love
There is a truth to say what is true
2 years my love will never gone,
because i set my love to be forever

i can't run since that time
i can't forget about you since i gave you a coachroach
because soon i will dying
and because you're only love that i had

i'm nothing without you
i'm dying without you

You're the only one that i need to support my life
so i can fly and i can die with a smile

I just want to make you happy
I just want to make a happy family with you
I will not care others
I prefer to live alone rather than lie to my own heart

I told my mom,
I told my dad,
What is the true and what is the truth
And my love will never gone,
until I'm buried underground
Waiting for you in our next life

My body will gone in a century
but my feeling will stay for all eternity
waiting for you forever

The one that i had,
The one that i defend
The one that i keep
is only my feeling with you

and it will stay forever

---------------- Charlie Vector

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Re: Kotak Puisi *Melo Mode On*
« Reply #77 on: February 03, 2010, 01:59:20 AM »
A Letter from My Fate

One life has changed,
since that time.

In the middle of the beautiful night
a dream has changed my life
a dream that make me really sure about

A little heart inside my body start to cry
he knew that his soulmate is nearby

but it was too late to tell the truth
it was too fast and unprepared

It was two years ago that has gone really slow
but my heart will never flow
because i always keep you inside my heart burrow
What my heart says, i will follow

I know i'd messed up everything
but i still love you
whoever you are,
I know it's you
My soulmate.

Dont run away,
and dont force me away
because we cannot change our fate

I had tried to run as you mention
but i cannot change the fate for what i born in this earth
Did you forget what we'd promised before we born?

If you ask me a question, how sure i am...
you should know the answer from what i'm doing
How couldn't you believe if almost all psychics say the same thing?

I know it is the matter of choice
but God has given us our fate
It is your choice to stick on it or to take your own path
But what i know is God will always give the best way for us
the same thing like what psychics say

If you still trust your own path and did not follow,
please keep going, and prove the different
and my mission will end earlier
i'll waiting for you behind the shadow
take care of you everytime,
support you to light you way
and waiting for you to continue our next life

Because i love you so much for all eternity

------------------------------------ Charlie Vector